Ashes into Glass

Ashes into Glass Jewellery is a story. Your story may be of pride, of strength, of courage. It could be a story of family and warmth, of smiles and laughter. Maybe a story of romance, of hugs and kisses. An inner beauty, a kind heart, a warm smile. But it will always be a story of love, a story of devotion and a story of a bond that cannot be broken.

Your Ashes into Glass jewellery will remind you that your loved one is with you. In a fleeting thought or a fond memory, a favourite song on the radio or a conversation with a friend. By wearing it or just holding it in your hand, you will connect with your loved one and share these special moments together.

The Products


Ashes into Glass Jewellery is exquisitely handcrafted by James Watts, Bill Rhodes and their team at Barleylands Glassworks in Billericay, Essex.

The Details

Ashes to jewellery work close up

Your loved one’s cremation ashes, coloured glass crystals and clear molten glass are expertly layered together. We use traditional techniques combined with our own unique processes to create a beautiful, lasting tribute to the one you hold dear.

Creation Process

Ruby Ashes to Glass finished crystal

Each Ashes into Glass stone is unique and just like your loved one, will possess it's own character. It may remind you of a starry night's sky, a wispy cloud up above or maybe the ashes floating on a gentle breeze.



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Your own personal message is delicately engraved to your item of jewellery. See the details here with some examples to help you.

Visit Us

Ashes to jewellery studio

You have the option to come along to see your own items being created. We are situated at Barleylands, a picturesque craft village about 20 minutes outside London. 

Aims & Values

Bill & James

We aim to provide the very finest products and quality service to our clients and our good name will spread. You can see real messages from our clients on our Facebook Page.